Raiders lose shoot out with Chiefs

The 2018 Oakland Raiders under head coach Jon Gruden have been somewhat of a disappointment. At least for the many people that hoped for instant success from a coach who hadn’t been on the sidelines for a long time.

Didn’t help that our best player the last few years choose money over loyalty and was traded away to the Bears before the season began. Its a shame we couldn’t keep him but the cost would have been too high to do so.

It meant that all season long the Raiders have had zero pass rush. Not that they had much with Mack anyway.

During the season, we traded away another of our stars, Amari Cooper looked to have a bright future in Oakland and then he didn’t. Drops became the norm for the wide receiver and a fresh start looked like the best chance for him to turn it around – which it looks like he did. While giving the Raiders more draft picks for the rebuild of the Raiders in Gruden’s image.

On top of that, Derek Carr has had some growing pains as he learned to function in Gruden’s scheme. While watching some of his weapons disappear, Cooper to trade and Lynch to injury.

However, this Sunday, I saw something that gives me hope for the future. The Raiders went toe to toe with the Chiefs. Losing by only a touchdown in a shoot out that ended 40-33.

Carr looked more comfortable in the scheme. Richard looked comfortable at running back (he just needs to make sure he holds onto the ball in future). We have a tight end that can scare opponents.  We still have a front seven that couldn’t get to the quarterback with a two second head start. But we have picks for that. Picks to find a pass rush and a new start WR.

I have some hope that we’ll be good again soon, something I worried about when Gruden was announced as our head coach.

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