Raiders Win Close One With Steelers

The Raiders season is over, has been for sometime. No playoffs, nothing to fight for but their pride and maybe roster spots for next year. Yet fight they do.

This week, the Steelers came to town fighting to remain on top of their division and cement their chances of a play off berth. They learned that the Ravens lost and had a chance to have a full game advantage over them with a win. So desperate in fact that they brought an injured Big Ben back into the game to ensure it.

Yet, thank to the last minute drive led by Derek Carr and a botched field goal attempt by the Steelers, it’s the Raiders that came out on top. The slip by the kicker is on the Steelers equipment manager, given they brought up loads of shoes earlier in the game.

This team over came a penalty laden performance (some of which seemed to be completely false – like when the defensive line man slipped and we got called for a penalty) to get the win.

Gruden has the team fighting together, fighting to win, fighting to improve and I love to see this. Derek Carr hasn’t given up on winning, he still wants to win and you saw it on display yesterday. Coaching a receiver when he went the wrong way. Helping the injured line man off the field after scoring what turned out to be the game winning touchdown.  That display alone tells me Carr hasn’t lost this team by the way, as was suggested earlier in the season.

This team’s improvement can be seen in the 2-3 record in the last five games. It can be seen in the improvement of the receivers brought in after Cooper was traded. It can been seen in the dramatic improvement of the Raiders defence that still doesn’t really have a pass rush.

Imagine this team with an injection of first round talent that is coming with the 2019 draft. 


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