A long time ago in a country far far away (ok, just across the pond in England) a strange sport hit the air waves on a new television station. The station was known as Channel Four and the sport was called American Football. I first became hooked on the game, then pretty quickly a single team. The team was the Raiders and the player that did most to attract me too them was one Jack Tatum. In 1994, I moved to Canada and got to see football live for the first time. Later, I moved to the United States Of America and finally got to see my team play in person.

I moved to the Seattle area and my first game at the Kingdome saw Jeff George put on a show in the first half. He lead the Raiders to a seventeen point lead at the half but then it all went south in the 2nd half as Warren Moon came alive and lead the Seahawks to a come from behind victory. The following year I got to see them beat the Seahawks in Jon Gruden’s first year as our head coach. I yearned for more however and the following year I made the trip down to the House Of Thrills and watched the Raiders dominate the most hated of foes – The Kansas City Chiefs.

I have since moved north again into Canada and I get the pleasure of watching every Raiders game on NFL Sunday Ticket.