The first quarter was about the Raiders. Becoming the first team in some time to hold the Chiefs from scoring. The Raiders’ offense put up ten points in this quarter as well and things looked good.

The second quarter, the Chiefs shredded the Raiders defense scoring four touchdowns and running up of 240 yards of offense. It looked like the Raiders would be dead in the water in the second half given the show in this quarter.

The second half was scoreless. Both teams moved the ball well but drives ended without points. An interception in the endzone for the Raiders on one drive. Another interception on another when the Raiders receiver ran into the a Chiefs defender leaving only the player guarding him there when the ball arrived. For me it was a pick, for the refs its wasn’t. This along with my previous post tells you all you need to know about my feelings on this set of officials.

The half was the first ever scoreless half between the Chiefs and Raiders. It came in what likely will be the last ever NFL game played on field with the baseball dirt still on it. The Raiders are the last team to share with an MLB team and move to Las Vegas next year of decades of searching for a solution that would have allowed them to remain in Oakland.

Derek Carr also became the Raiders all time passing leader midway through the game when he passed Ken Stabler.

Jacob Jones continued his impressive start in the NFL with a hard earned 100+ yards for the second game in a row.

All told, the game showed the Raiders are close but not there yet.

Oh and before I forget. Watching this Raiders team tackle reminds me of how bad Raiders teams of recent memory have been in this fundamental task.

My voice and maybe others in the Raider Nation are likely a little sore with the start of the second period. Maxx Crosby was penalized for roughing the passer on the drive that lead to the Chiefs scoring at the start of the 2nd.

He was all alone with Mahomes in the backfield and jump up and into him to stop the QB from passing the ball. Leading to an incompletion and the QB on the ground. I would love to hear an NFL official describe just how this is a penalty play because it wasn’t.

We was robbed! Its the Chiefs and the NFL versus the RAIDERS!

Carr and the bad spot

Carr runs up the sideline dive high and forward, looking for the first down. The ball falls straight down, out of his hand, nearly a foot behind the first down marker and the call? They bring the ball back to where he left his feet. That was not were he fumbled. The ball bounced where he was when the fumble occurred.

We was robbed!

DB Juston Burris, who played four games for the Jets and then four games with the Browns last season, has been signed by the Raiders. He primarily was a special teams player for both.

The move comes as Jonathan Abram moves to Injured Reserve following his injury in the season opener against the Broncos

Abram was also fined by the NFL for the hit that hurt his should and plans to appeal.

The Raiders have a losing record when facing the Chiefs for the second game of the season.

In the 9 games playing them as the Chiefs, they have 4-5 (0.444) record, while scoring 173 points and allowing 176 for an average result of 19.22 to 19.56.

They also played two games against them as the Dallas Texans, losing both, scoring 32 points and allow 60 for an average score of 16-30.

At home, the numbers look even worse with a 1-4 record with the only win being in 1974.

Overall, the Raiders have a worse record versus the Chiefs:

52-63-2 ( 0.453), 2247 points for, 2476 points against.

Games 2000-2009

20th September, 2009Oakland Raiders 13, Kansas City Chiefs 10
14th September, 2008Oakland Raiders 23, Kansas City Chiefs 8
18th September, 2005 Kansas City Chiefs 23, Oakland Raiders 17

Games 1990-1999

8th September, 1997Kansas City Chiefs 28, Oakland Raiders 27
8th September, 1996Oakland Raiders 3, Kansas City Chiefs 19

Games 1980-1989

17th September, 1989Los Angeles Raiders 19, Kansas City Chiefs 24
12th September, 1985Los Angeles Raiders 20, Kansas City Chiefs 36

Games 1970-1979

20th September, 1976Oakland Raiders 24, Kansas City Chiefs 21
22nd September, 1974Kansas City Chiefs 7, Oakland Raiders 27

Games 1960-1969 (vs Dallas Texans)

23rd September, 1962Dallas Texans 26, Oakland Raiders 16
16th September, 1960Dallas Texans 34, Oakland Raiders 16

Rookie safety, Johnathan Abram, suffered a torn rotator cuff and labrum during first quarter of Monday Night’s win over the Denver Broncos.

It is said that Abram will undergo surgery this week and that likely will mean the end to his rookie campaign.

The Raiders opened their 2019 campaign at home against the rival Denver Broncos on a Monday night with a win.

Derek Carr gave a commanding performance on the night, completing 22 of 26 passes for 259 yards and a touchdown. When the game was on the line, he demanded of Gruden a chance to finish the game. Gruden agreed and the game was won.

Rookie running back, Josh Jacobs, ran for 85 yards on 23 carries and scored two touchdowns in his debut.

Tyrell Williams in his debut proved 105 yards from six catches and a touchdown.

The Raiders top draft pick, Clelin Ferrell, provided a sack, a tackle for loss and a pass defended in his debut. The Raider, who were sack poor last year, came away with three sacks on the night. Benson Mayowa getting the other two and a tackle for loss to boot.

Final score, Denver 16, Oakland Raiders 24.

With the abrupt jettisoning of the troubled Antonio Brown, the Raiders had an opening for a talented receiver.

Their choice was the Hard Knocks star Keelan Doss.

In order to bring back Doss, they offered him a $300 signing bonus and a fully guaranteed $495 base salary for the year. The Alameda native is now back with the Raiders after his brief appearance on the Jaguars’ practice squad.

Dorian hit my little place in the sun, Nova Scotia. Knocking out power, phone and internet from Friday until this morning.

Brown had been released when I last had access. Now it seems he’s a member of the New England Patriots. Maybe they’ll have more luck with him that we or the Steelers did. I hope not. I hope he washes out of the NFL because of his crazy behavior.

In a week that only Donald Trump could trump. Brown was fined and posted the details of the fines online. Argued with GM Mayock and seemed headed toward a suspension. He then released a private phone call between him and Jon Gruden, following it up with a Instagram post asking for his release.

Well he got his wish, the Raiders have had a enough of the Antonio Brown antics and have released him.

At least its better than the last diva superstar the Raider signed. At least he didn’t have arse it in games like Randy Moss. Mostly because he didn’t actually get to play in a real game for the Raiders.

I’m sure some team will give him another chance, but he shouldn’t get paid for it to the same extent the Raiders did.

Seems Brown is upset with the Raiders and General Manager Mayock is upset that Brown isn’t in the building practicing with the team. The team listing Brown on the injury report as “Not injury related -conduct” and did not participate for Thursday.