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The files section of this site contains Windows XP login screens, Wallpaper designs,Screen Savers, Web Theme packs and the awesome remixs by djRaider.
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Windows XP Login Screens
Stardock have a program that is currently free of charge called Login Studio.
You can get it here

Once you've done that and installed it then download and import the designs that can be found on this site.

The Designs
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Single Monitor Wallpaper Designs From

Click here to start viewing the catalog of over 200 designs by myself.

Multi Monitor Wallpaper Designs From

Click here to start viewing the catalog of multi-monitor designs by myself.
Wallpaper Contributions
These designs have be sent in by visitors to this site. If you want to contribute a design of your own please contact me.

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Air Raid - Raiders Downloads
Wallpaper Wrap Designs
Wraps are the name I give to images designed to tile and be used as wallpaper or for website background.

I've noticed a couple of sites now use this term when providing similar images.

The Designs
Click here to start viewing the catalog of Raiders themed Wallpaper Wraps.
Screen Savers
Added two new screen savers (15 March 2004).

The Designs
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djRaider has his own section, you can find it here.
Mobile Phones
The old school mobile phone ringtone information can be found here.

The wallpaper designs for cel phones can be found here.
Got Stuff?
If there are any budding wallpaper, screen saver, flash or desktop theme artists out there producing Raider related materials and you would like too have your stuff distributed through this site.Please contact me via ICQ or Email. Contact information can be found on the About Me page.