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About This Site
This site is generated these days using the following software:
  • Codewright 4.0a - This is a text editor that I write the HTML files in. I used to use one of thoose fancy HTML generators (NetObjects Fusion 5.0) but after a hard drive crash left me with nothing I realized the error of my ways. If you create the HTML yourself you can at least download the files from your site and use them to regenerate your work. Something not possible with NOF without out putting in a serious amount of time rescuing the files. By the way, I know this isn't the most recent version of this software but I'm happy with this build and see no reason to upgrade.
  • Photoshop - The graphics program for anyone serious about generating game, web or print images. I use KPT3.0 and the Eye Candy plug-ins for Photoshop a lot also.
  • Internet Explorer - I use this program to test my work and that's about all. I use Firefox these days for my own browsing needs, maybe you should switch too ?.

About The Webmaster
A long time ago in a country far far away a strange sport hit the air waves on a new television station. The station was known as Channel Four and the sport was called American Football. I first became hooked on the game and then on one team. The team was the Oakland Raiders and the player that did most to attract me too them was one Jack Tatum. Four years ago I moved to the United States Of America and finally got to see my team play in person. I moved to the Seattle area and went to the Kingdom to see Jeff George put on a show in the first half of that game. He lead the Raiders to a seventeen point lead at the half but then in the second failed to do anything whilst Warren Moon came alive and lead the Seahawks to a win. The following year I got to see them beat the Seahawks in Jon Gruden's first year as our head coach. I yearned for more however and this year I made the trip down to the House Of Thrills and watched the Raiders dominate the most hated of foes - The Kansas City Chiefs. It was awesome and I recommend that all Raider fans try to find a way to visit the HOT for a game.

Unfortunately I no longer live in the Seattle area but have instead moved north again into Canada where I get the pleasure of watching NFL Sunday Ticket on Cable TV. Never missed seeing a Raiders game last season for the first time ever. Not the same as being there but certainly better than listening to an internet radio broadcast.

If you wish to contact me, you can use the following methods:

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Links to my site are welcome and you are encouraged to add your Raider related site to my Links page as well. A simple text link can be used or you can if you wish use the graphic below to provide the link either by copying the image to your site or linking directly to it on mine.
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Big Cory has awarded me an award, checkout his awards page by clicking the graphic to the left or clicking here.

Notes From A Webmaster
I'd also like to thank Fast Eddie for allowing me to use his arrangement of the Autumn Wind tune for use with the postcards script. You'll find a link back to his site in the menu to the left of this text.

On the same theme I'd like to thank the guys of My Hairy Brother for allowing me to use their excellent music with postcard script. Check out their site for the latest tunes and you can also order a CD of their music there.

DJ Raider's "Rich Gannon Coming Alive" track is now part of this site. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use his excellent track.