Bengals 33 Raiders 13

The Raiders offense only started to work once the Bengals switched to a prevent and the versatile but often ignored Marcel Reece shined with two touchdowns from Matt McGloin.

McGloin was in the game because Derek Carr hurt his throwing hand when he rushed for a eight yard gain that ended with him using said arm to stiff arm the defender. Carr tried throwing on the sidelines before heading to the locker room, never to return to the sidelines. His return was listed as questionable during the game.

The Bengals kept Mack and co in check all game – a job made easier as the game progressed because of the highly ineffective Raider offense.

On the bright side, Murray ended with a 4 yards per carry average, Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree each had five catches (for 47 and 37 yards respectively).

The worst had to the be shear amount of tape the Bengals laid down of them exposing us with seam routes. It will be the preferred method of attack by Raider opponents until they do something to stop it.

Finally, can someone explain to me the officiating in that game? How was Jones not ejected from the game for ripping Amari Cooper’s helmet off and then smashing Cooper’s head into the helmet? ¬†Or why when you see the jersey of DJ Hayden being pulled as he tried to escape from his guy to go after the ball carrier is there no flag? Or maybe explain how Mack is held constantly and no calls? I assume the league will “correct” the first point with a fine for Jones but that’s all a little too late.

All told it wasn’t a great day to be a Raider fan.

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