Cardinals Game

The third preseason game sees the Raiders face off against the Arizona Cardinals – a team that made the playoffs a year ago, only to depart in the first game to the Panthers.

What I want to see from this game:

  • Fix the mistakes. After the first game it looked like the Del Rio era might bring to an end the Raiders being the perennial leader in penalties but come the second game they went right back to their old ways. Hopefully the Vikings game was an aberration and the Rams game was the norm. The Cardinals game should give us an indication if that is right.
  • Sightings of Helu Jr, Rod Streator and Sio Moore. A positive sign of them being ready for week one action.
  • Decent performances from our starters in what will probably be their longest outing this preseason.
  • Everyone leaving the game healthy.

A win would be nice but some solid performances from the bubble players and signs that the starters are ready for week one is more important at this point.

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