Here Comes The RAIDERS!

For me there is a real feeling that this Raiders team is the one that will be turning the corner. That this Raiders team will be the one to restore the Pride and Poise of the Raiders.

From a defense that you feel moves with greater hussle and speed. One that is aware of what it needs to do and confident that it will achieve it. Or from an offense that suddenly looks to be loaded with weapons. Carr, Cooper, Crabtree, Murray and the pieces around them.

Orchestrating all this and bringing the team into a single focus of executing plays and holding the team accountable for their performances (or lack of in the case of the injured players) is Jack Del Rio. ┬áHe – along with Ken Norton Jr – have continued to push the Raiders in the direction we only glimpsed in moments at the end of last season thanks to Tony Sparano.

I really feel this team is the start of something great for the Raiders. Hopefully a decade of winning to erase the painful memories of our last Superbowl appearance until now.


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