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For my entire career I had a dream project I wanted to work on and it was Madden. 2006 saw that dream come true as the company I work for got to work with the boys at EA on the WII version of the game.

I think we managed in the short time frame we had to pull of a very fun addition to the Madden world. I hope everyone out there agrees.
 Posted: January 30, 2007, 12:37 pm 
Lots Going On
Not been too much in the way of updates to this site lately. My apologies for that. What there has been is the re-design of the top section of this site, the introduction of DHTML/JavaScript menus, some updates to the history pages and the introduction of some NFL history pages (NFL Coach of the Year, Rookies Of The Year, etc.).

I will hopefully have new wallpaper and some other stuff soon but work is currently taking up a lot of my "spare" time.
 Posted: June 28, 2006, 7:35 am 
Leave Me Alone!!!!
For two days I ignored the occassionaly appearance of the bubble in the right hand corner of my windows informing that new updates where available too be installed. Just like a needy child it continued to ask.

Then I caved in and let Windows update. What a mistake because that just brought out the brat in my computer. Now every few minutes up comes an alert asking me to let Windows restart and complete the upgrade. How come there is no I'll restart when I'm ready so shut up button ? Why ? I want it because I'm the master not the servant. The computer is there to serve me, right ? And while we are at it, how come Linux software can install itself without neededing to restart but with Windows if you install a text file it insists on rebooting to complete it's install ? Tell me again which OS you have to pay for? Which one has a dedicated staff of full time professional overseeing it's development and which is being put together mostly by people in their spare time?

Back to the annoyance at hand. It's not just Windows either, I dumped Acrobat for FoxIt PDF Reader because no matter how many times it I asked it not too the software still insisted in checking for updates. Big boys, or the small independant companies all hijack your internet connection to confirm they have the latest and greatest version of their product. If the software didn't work properly then I'd look for a new version - stick an option in your help menu to make it easy for me to check if you like but leave it too me to seek out the version not the other way around.

Oh yeah and while we are at it, I was using AVG at home but not any more. It's daily (and sometimes hourly) updates came with the need to restart in order to complete the upgrade. It didn't start out that way but that was how it was until last week when I got completely fed up with it and switched to the AVAST program. No problems so far, it even found twenty odd files infected that AVG had missed (leaves me wondering why I reboot all them times, does it you?).

So basically, leave me alone. Let me choose when I want to do the updates. Be like Firefox was and just show an icon in the top corner saying there was a new update (I say was because yesterday Firefox popped up an alert asking to update).
 Posted: April 16, 2006, 8:10 pm 
What a let down. Wasn't impressed with Amped, Project Gotham Racing or the noise the system itself generates.

I'm so glad I choose not to be an early adopter for this console. I might look to getting something when there is a title on it that I'm interested in or one I worked on published for it.
 Posted: November 24, 2005, 10:31 pm